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Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder
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At Last - Etta James
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Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
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As the Years Go Passing By - Albert King
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Gone Tomorrow Blues - Richie Kotzen
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Based in Nashville, Tn
Founded in 2016
Genre: Blues Rock, R&B
This is Blues You Can Use
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Alicia Fawbush - Vocals
Jerry HasleyBass
Bo Fawbush - Guitar
Ron Soares - Drums
Band Bio:


The Voice of Thunder Band was formed in 2016 with the goal of providing a solid Blues/Rock/R&B song list for everyone to enjoy.  Featuring the Powerful Vocals of Alicia Fawbush, Lead Guitar of Bo Fawbush, Bass Guitar of Jerry Hasley and Drums by Ron Soares, the Voice of Thunder Band will satisfy crowds at Clubs, Restaurants, Festivals, Private Parties and Weddings.  For your next bookings think Voice of Thunder.

Contact: Ron Soares
Phone: 209-872-3047
Email: soaresdiesel@aol.com


Feb. 2, 2018    Phat Bites, Nashville, TN (9-11:30PM)

Feb. 10, 2018   The Copper Vault, Springfield, TN (7-9PM)

Mar. 10, 2018  Granny's Kitchen, Kingston Springs, TN (6-8PM)

April 14, 2018  The Copper Vault, Springfield, TN (7-9PM)

May 11, 2018   Private Party, Bowling Green, KY (8-10PM)

June 2, 2018   Eats Restaurant & Bar, Mt. Juliet, TN (7-9PM)

Aug. 21, 2018  Wilson County Fair, Lebanon, TN (7-10PM)

Oct. 4, 2018     Papa Turney's BBQ (7-9PM)

Oct. 19, 2018   Eats Restaurant, Mt. Juliet, TN (6-8PM)

Oct. 27, 2018   DVBC Fall Festival, Nashville, TN (1-4PM)

Oct. 30, 2018  Private Event, Mt. Juliet, TN (acoustic show) 

Nov. 15, 2018  Papa Turney's BBQ, Nashville, TN (6-8PM)

Nov. 23, 2018  Eats Restaurant, Mt. Juliet, TN (6-8PM)

June 28, 2019  Donelson Farmer's Market, Nashville, TN (5-7PM)

Aug. 21, 2019  Wilson County Fair, Lebanon, TN (7-10PM_

Sept.27, 2019  Donelson Farmer's Market, Nashville, TN (5-7PM)